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Equipment and Accessories

Boston Power Wash is the go to company for all of your kitchen exhaust needs. One call does it all from complete system cleaning to parts replacement and installation!

Boston Power Wash supplies and installs the following products:

Grease Containment Systems

We offer a wide variety and can easily fit your current exhaust fan. These systems prevent grease buildups on roofs thereby saving you money on roof cleanups or replacements.

Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits

The NFPA recommends that all fans should have hinges which allow for access to the fan/vent. This helps to prevent damage to fan bowls, electrical and balance systems.



Our filters are specifically constructed to keep flames out of the exhaust system. They are Available in heavy duty galvanized or stainless steel to prevent vibration after installation. All of our filters are UL Listed and are full height eliminating any “Dead Air” space at the top or bottom. This allows for 100% filtering of grease laden air 100% of the time.

Filter Exchange Program

Did you know that running your filters through the dish washer can only clean the outside of the filter? Your filter could still be a fire hazard due to all the grease it is holding in areas, which cannot be seen. Because filters are directly over the cooking equipment they can easily catch on fire if not cleaned thoroughly and regularly. We can change out your dirty filters every week, twice a month or monthly with grease free filters. Call us for complete details of this program.

Access Panels

The NFPA Code 96 recommends that access panels be placed every 12 feet of duct work to insure complete cleaning of the system. Our access are UL Listed and are available in galvanized or stainless steel. They are easy to install and do not require welding.

Grease Trays & Cups



Replacement Light Protectors





Replacement Fan Belts


Have you thought about recycling your used vegetable oil. It's good for the planet! We recommend our friends at EnviroTek USA, Inc. For more information call Rick at 978-663-0904.


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Boston Power Wash

Cares about our planet and the environment!
All of our services are performed in compliance with standards mandated by the EPA and the Clean Water Act.
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